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Liar Liar: Lane Kiffin

    USC has stayed classy of course like usual and chosen Lane Kiffin to become their next head coach. Kiffin quickly bolted out of knoxville after just one year one the job. He left the university with no problems at all just a couple NCAA violations. So the Tennessee students/fans/alums are more then furious. On Tuesday students gathered around and chanted "F*** you Kiffin", I wouldn't it a riot but it was close has UT students were lighting things on fire like a mattress, mostly paper, and in one video a guy made a torch. Some angry fans even raided Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex and yelled at Lane Kiffin when he was telling his ex-players that he will be very loyal and leave them. I'm sure they were all very proud of him. 


    Lane Kiffin was introduced as the Head Football Coach at USC on Wednesday. It went just as planned, full of lies. Lane Kiffin actually got into an argument with LA times writer TJ Simmers about how Lane Kiffin said he wouldn't recruit any UT players unless they called him. Turns out his good assistant Ed  Orgeron has already called UT commits, that means theres a good possibility that Kiffin did to. After Kiffin started saying things over again he confused everyone when trying to explain the commit situation that SC AD Mike Garret had to stand up, stop Kiffin from being an idiot, and to of course get a new question going. So Kiffin has started out great, couldn't be better. Now going into this conference i knew i was going to at some point just start laughing. I was hoping for some trash talk against ND. Or just him saying "I cant wait to commit some major recruiting violations after we beat Notre Dame next year. Its going to be a blast!!". I'm just glad we have Brian Kelly.

    USC sent the wrong message to the NCAA about cleaning up their act. SC did the opposite of cleaning up their act when they hired a guy who has a past of recruiting violations. Kiffins violations have all been secondary violations unless the most recent one about hostesses turns out true and ends up more then just a secondary violation.

    At this moment, I cannot wait for ND vs SC next year. No matter what the records are this game will be remembered. It's the classy Brian Kelly vs the most hated college football coach in the country Lane Kiffin. I really wish recruits would start questioning this guy. He has nothing. He is not loyal at all and he is selfish. I hope we destroy him.

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